Practice Tests

Taking practice tests can be a great way for students to determine which test suits them best or get their minds in gear for an upcoming test. We offer full-length, proctored practice tests for students at our office (1000 Westbank Drive Suite 2B Austin, TX 78746). Students are welcome to attend practice tests even after they've finished tutoring. Practice tests begin at 9 AM, but please arrive by 8:45 AM to give yourself time to get settled. 


What to Bring to Practice Tests:

- calculator, pencils, and eraser

- your big blue book if you are already enrolled in SAT classes or tutoring 

- snack and water

- layers (On the real test day, you never know what the room temperature will be like!)

How Long Each Test Lasts:

- ACT or SAT with regular time: 9 AM - 12:30 PM (9 AM - 1:15 PM with optional essay)

- ACT or SAT with time and a half: 9 AM - 2 PM (9 AM - 3 PM with optional essay)